PECB MS alliance with KPMG: PECB MS is partnering with KPMG to launch a Privacy by Design Certification Program. PECB MS offers certification services for clients interested to become certified against the Privacy by Design Criteria.

General overview of the PbD Certification – Privacy Certified outlines the general requirements for processes to be compliant with privacy as set forth in our standard. The annex for “Privacy by Design”contains the objective criteria which are used to evaluate and make a conformant certification decision. “Privacy by Design” is a frequently discussed topic in the realm of data protection. “Privacy by Design” is based on the principle that any action that an organization undertakes which involves processing personal data, must be done with data protection and privacy in mind at every step. This includes internal projects, product development, software development, IT systems, and much more. In practice, this means that the IT department, or any department that processes personal data, must ensure that privacy is intrinsically built into a system during the whole lifecycle of the system or process.

The foundations of the PECB MS Privacy by Design Certification are the Seven Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design, designed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

Privacy by Design Certification

Commit to Privacy, Publicly

Our Brochure outlines the key features of our Privacy by Design Certification program, and may be used to promote Privacy by Design and Privacy by Design Certification within your organization.

Assessment Control Framework

The Assessment Framework represents the heart of Privacy by Design Certification. The Framework maps internationally recognized privacy principles, regulations, and industry best practices. The illustrative controls provide examples that an organization can build towards.

Overview of Privacy by Design Certification
Application form
Program Use and License Agreement
Program Requirements
*Privacy by Design Certification is being offered by the Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University and applies to businesses or organizations seeking to certify a product or service.It is not affiliated with the Chang School of Continuing Education, which independently offers the course "Privacy by Design: The Global Framework". For more information on this offering, please visit the Chang School's website at Privacy by Design Certification is not affiliated with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, nor signifies compliance with Ontario privacy laws.

How does Privacy by Design Certification work?

The Privacy by Design Certification process begins when your organization submits a Privacy by Design application which can be sent by request.
Assessment services will be carried out under a separate agreement where the product(s), the service(s) and/or the process(es) being certified will be assessed. A report will be issued based on the assessment methodology developed exclusively for the Privacy Certified Certification.
After examining the assessment report, we will issue a decision as to whether the certification will be granted. The certified organization will get the certificate and will be listed on our website.
Certifications are valid for a three-year period, but must be renewed annually. We will remind you in advance with all the details on how to keep your certification up-to-date.
Annual Self-Declaration
An important part of renewing your certification is the annual self-declaration form in which your organization attests if there has been any change which would affect your certification.
If PECB MS is satisfied with the annual self-declaration form, and upon the payment of the renewal fee, your Privacy by Design Certification is renewed for another year.

Congratulations to the Organizations that have been awarded
Privacy by Design Certification