Information included in your complaint regarding the Privacy by Design Certification offered by Ryerson University may be disclosed to the subject organization as part of the complaint resolution process. This will not include contact information provided by the complainant, but specific details included in complaints may allow subject organizations to identify complainants. Ryerson University will make efforts to remove personally identifying information from complaints before disclosure to subject companies where such removal does not prevent the completion of the complaint process.

When filling out your complaint form please be as specific as possible to assist us in the complaint process but please refrain from including personally identifiable information in the details of your complaint as these details may be disclosed to the subject organization as part of the complaint process.

This complaint process is offered to allow users of products, services, and/or offerings which are Privacy by Design Certified to address concerns which may affect this certification. This complaint process is not a replacement for mechanisms of recourse involving regulatory compliance such as a Data Protection Authority, Privacy Commissioner, Ombudsperson, consumer protection body or law enforcement agency.Your Name *Your Email Address *Other Contact InformationWhich organization is the subject of your complaint? *Which of their products or services are the subject of your complaint?Details of Complaint *Security Code Captcha*