August 19, 2020

Using Hamilton’s parking app could send your personal data into the U.S.

The city said the app doesn’t collect enough info that it feels would put users at risk
August 12, 2020

Critics wary of provincial plan to help police expand video surveillance

Privacy experts are voicing concerns with the province’s decision to offer millions of dollars in funding to police services to expand their use of video surveillance. […]
August 12, 2020

Ann Cavoukian joins Arlene Bynon

Ann Cavoukian, former three-term privacy commissioner of Ontario and currently the executive director of Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre, joined Arlene Bynon to discuss […]
August 12, 2020

Flying during COVID-19, unruly campers and restaurant’s contact tracing

Peter Shurman guest hosts The Morning Show. Today’s guests include: Dr. Colin Furness, Epidemiologist with the University of Toronto Alexandra Anderson, executive director of the Ontario Private […]