Chaplet/Facial recognition

Waterfront Toronto voted to move forward with Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside project, but will your privacy be protected?
November 1, 2019
Breaking down the deal between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto
November 3, 2019

Do you think facial recognition tech for law enforcement is a good way to fight crime? Amazon is trying this, through Amazon Rekognition. Wouldn’t this violate the 4th Amendment if it scanned your face? This amendment claims that you have the right against unreasonable searches and seizures. There are flaws with the system as well, where certain races are not recognized well. Dr. Anne Cavoukian gives her thoughts on surveillance, privacy, and law enforcement methods. She explains that so often people are falsely identified and there are many flaws. This is called ‘false positive.’ She says it lacks the accuracy to pin down the right suspect. She adds that we will become like China if we go down this route.